Since log and timber frame homes are so closely related, we are often asked why build with timber frames rather than log. Many people have thought  a log home is what they have always wanted, until they see the benefits of a timber frame home.


Timber frame homes offer a wide selection of options when it comes to the way they look. Timber frame styles can range from cabins, barns, ranches and even look right at home on a lake side. The ability to side your home in whatever material you choose provides the home owner with more options than the log home owner. Timber Frame homes can fit into a suburban residential landscape whereas the log home may be out of place.


Timber frame homes give you the rustic feel coupled with a touch of elegance. When it comes to the interior, log homes can be too rustic or give the look of too much wood.

Open Floor Plans:

Timber Frame homes are known for their open floor plans and spacious living areas. Log homes, on the other hand, tend to be more crowded, with structural walls at every turn.


Timber frame homes  require little to no maintenance because a majority of timbers are inside the home. Maintenance is a big drawback of log homes because they require a large amount of maintenance since so muc of the logs are exposed to the elements.

Energy Efficient:

Timber frame homes give you many options on how to finish and insulate your home. Log homes are inherently difficult to insulate sufficiently. It’s difficult to tightly secure the space between each log to ensure a low amount of air filtration. Wood is not a good insulation material.

Appreciation and Resale Value:

Timber frame homes command a premium price because they are built with a type of construction that absolutely wows people who enter. Log homes are a dime a dozen. The overabundance of log homes on the market means they often take a longer time to sell and can’t command the same premium price that a timber frame home does.


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